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The top cottage garden plant combinations

It's easy to find lists and videos with the 'top 10 cottage garden plants,' but knowing how to combine them in your garden can be more challenging. In our latest video, we share a few of our favorite flowering combinations that have brought our cottage garden to life.

Our Favorite Cottage Garden Plant Combinations

We walk you through the different perennial combinations we’ve chosen and explain why they work so well together. From the back of the border to the front, we provide insights on which plants complement each other, ensuring your cottage garden is as beautiful as it is diverse. And, for those moments when you want to break the traditional rules, we share tips on how to plant wherever your heart desires.

Highlighted Plant Combinations

Geum, Salvia, Geranium: This trio creates a vibrant and dynamic display, combining the bright hues of Geum with the rich tones of Salvia and the delicate beauty of Geranium.

Lupine, Foxglove, Day Lily, Centranthus ruber: Perfect for adding height and texture to your garden, these plants create a stunning visual with their varied heights and complementary colors.

Heuchera, Alchemilla mollis, Anemone sylvestris: This combination offers a mix of textures and colors, perfect for adding interest to your garden beds.

Columbine, Day Lily, Lysimachia, Delphinium: Combining these plants results in a lush and colorful display that brings a cottage garden feel to any space.

Delphinium, Lychnis Chalcedonica, Centranthus ruber: These plants work together beautifully to create a striking and cohesive look in your garden.

Sedum, Iberis, Geranium, Salvia, Persicaria affinis: A versatile combination that thrives in various conditions, adding depth and interest to your borders.

Saxifraga, Viscaria vulgaris, Sweet Williams: This trio is perfect for adding a splash of color and a touch of whimsy to your garden.

Mountain Cornflower, Phlomis: These plants provide a unique and eye-catching combination, perfect for adding a bit of drama to your garden.

Thalictrum, Rhododendron ‘Homebush’: This pairing creates a beautiful contrast with the delicate flowers of Thalictrum and the bold blooms of Rhododendron ‘Homebush.’

Inspiration and Design Tips

From our favorite low-maintenance cottage garden plants to those that are drought-tolerant, this video aims to inspire and guide you in designing your own cottage garden. Whether you're looking to create a new garden bed or add to an existing one, these plant combinations will help you achieve a beautiful, cohesive look.

We hope this video provides you with the inspiration and design tips you need to create your own stunning cottage garden. Happy gardening!


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