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to my garden.

That’s what I usually say when someone steps into my actual backyard. Even though you’re visiting through a screen, there’s no reason why the greeting can’t be the same. 


I’m Lars Wildes — Landscape Gardener by day and Garden Nerd by… the rest of the time. I’m also a dad and a husband. 


In case the name didn’t give me away, I’m from Denmark. Home of Vikings, fairy tales and rain. And home to our row house on Queens Street in the lovely beachside village of Fredericia. 


Our garden isn’t very big, but it’s packed with colors, textures and the smells of beautiful perennials. And I’m excited that you’re here to share my gardening journey and absolute fascination with plants. 


If you’re just starting your garden or looking for ideas on how to landscape, propagate or even what flowers will work for small spaces… you’re in the right place. 


And if you’re ever in Frederica, please stop by! You’re always welcome in my garden. 

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