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The Perennial Garden

Right behind our cute little row house in Frederica, you’ll find my garden filled with perennials. Every plant has been carefully grown from seed or from a cutting of a mature plant. 


During the spring and summer, you’ll find me, my husband and son busy selling plants at local markets and cutting flowers for every table and countertop in the house. 


If you’re in Denmark, drop me a line and schedule a time to stop by! And if you see something you like, bring a spade. I’m happy to share! 

Image by Craig Manners

Why perennials?

It’s a good question. And one I get asked a lot. 


Perennials are robust, strong plants that are actually quite hard to kill. We’re not all born with green thumbs, you know. So having a plant that meets you halfway is important. 


I’ve packed my garden, window boxes and containers with perennials and never looked back. Except for when I change my mind. And then, I just move them. This type of plant doesn't mind getting moved around a bit. And just like good friends, they come back every year.  


Trust me. Start filing your space with perennials. It’ll be the best gardening decision you’ll ever make. 

Garden policy

If you'd like to visit the garden, just ask.


My family and I are always happy to meet fellow garden-lovers and talk perennials. During the spring and summer, we have plants for sale from both the greenhouse and flowerbeds. 

Dogs are welcome, as long as they are kept on a leash. Children... no leash required! 

Come for a visit

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