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January garden tour & snow-covered flower beds

It's January, and everything's decked out in a glistening layer of frost and snow. We're super excited to give you a peek into our winter wonderland, show you what's happening in our cozy greenhouse, and share our anticipation for the burst of life that spring is gearing up to bring here in Fredericia, Denmark (Zone 8a).

As we stroll through the garden beds, it's wild to see how our perennial pals are handling the winter chill. They're tucked under the snow, biding their time and saving up energy for the grand show they're planning for spring.

And those bulbs we planted? They're like hiding out, getting their chill hours and sleeping until showtime in the spring!

Stepping into our greenhouse is like stepping into a little bubble of warmth (usually). We had a blizzard and lost quite a bit of glass, but thankfully nothing else was damaged.

But guess what? Our trays of seedlings are making their debut, promising a riot of colors and lush foliage in the not-so-distant future. The greenhouse is like our secret garden hideout, a place where the magic happens even when it's frosty outside.

And in case you can't tell from the video, we're daydreaming about spring. Looking through seeds that we've collected? Oh, you bet! We're sketching out new beds, imagining the explosion of crocuses, daffodils, and tulips that will soon be popping up. The excitement for the changing seasons is real, my friends.

As we wrap up our winter garden chat from Denmark, we're soaking in the serenity of our snow-covered haven. Underneath all this icy beauty, we know there's a whole world of life waiting to burst forth.

Until then, we'll be nurturing those early bloomers, and dreaming of the vibrant tapestry our garden will become come spring. Cheers to the chill vibes and the promise of warmer days ahead.


Welcome to my garden

Hi! I'm Lars (Denmark).

Thanks for joining me as I share tips and inspiration for perennial gardening. 

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