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How to make metal tree wall decor

These handmade metal trees decorate our walls all year long and are my go-to gift when we’re invited to a housewarming party. There’s something about their organic shape and texture that brings a feeling of hygge — and making them is even more fun.

You can make these in any color of floral wire and cut the wire to fit any size you want. This craft is also fun for older children. Just make sure that they are careful around the sharp floral wire.

What you need

  • Floral wire (112 pieces)

  • Wire cutter


  1. Take 112 pieces of floral wire and wrap them with 1 piece of wire to form a bunch. Measure 10 cm (4”) from the bottom and wrap at this point.

  2. Divide the 112 wires into bunches of 7 - each with 16 wires.

  3. Take one bunch of 16 and divide them into 8 and 8. Twist these 2 bunches of 8 and 8 together.

  4. Next, take one of the (now divided) 8 and 8 bunches and divide into 4 and 4. Twist these 4 and 4 together.

  5. Next, take one of the (now divided) 4 and 4 bunches and divide into 2 and 2. Twist these 2 and 2 together.

  6. Clip the excess.

  7. Then repeat this process for each branch.

  8. Once all branches have been twisted, shape them to form a tree - bring some forward, push some back, etc.


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