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Denmark’s top 12 gardening Instagram accounts to inspire yours

It’s no secret. Instagram is where the action is.

How many times have you heard about the importance of social media marketing and building a following?

Probably enough to make your eyes glaze over. With that in mind, let’s take things a step further and see what quality social media posts actually look like and what you can do to boost your garden pics on the gram.

Gardens with the best social media strategy in Denmark

There are over 4.5 million active social media users in Denmark (78% of the population). That includes garden lovers, flower fans, and people eager to see what you’ve got growing.

With over 110 minutes a day spent on social media, if you’re not putting in the effort to engage with these potential followers, you’re missing out.

Let’s take a trip around the tiny country of Denmark and see which gardens are doing it right and how you can steal a few ideas for your account.

Garden designer and architect Helle Troelsen shows how gorgeous images and sneak peeks into daily life can bring your Instagram profile to life.

From gorgeous table decorations and decadent holiday cookies to family photos and a garden to envy, Nanette’s account has it all.

Bente has an orangery that will make even the most seasoned gardeners green with envy... in the good way. Follow her to see inside and get a closer look at what she's growing throughout the year.

If you're looking for stunning images of plants and flowers, this account is for you. And if you're just starting with your garden, Kenn has podcasts and more to help you on the journey.

That famous picture of the rainbow-colored chicken eggs came from this garden. But they have more to offer than just eggs. From table decor to delicious produce, you'll find plenty to scroll through (and like!) with this account.

When you think of Danish gardeners, you can't make a list without Mr. Claus Dalby. A global legend in the gardening industry, Claus has earned his place on the world scene with stunning flower arrangements and an expertly curated garden of his own.

If you're a fan of perennials (like me), then Anne's account is one to follow. She posts lovely photos of what's growing in her garden and makes it feel possible to do it yourself.

Don't have a massive garden? No problem. Follow Mathias and see what he's growing in his tiny kolonihave on the Danish island of Fyn. You'll be amazed at what's possible with the space you have.

If a garden that you can actually visit is what you have in mind, then this account is for you. You'll find photos of your favorite perennials mixed with ideas on how to use flowers to decorate your home and tables.

Haveselskabet is a non-profit organization that works to promote the diverse use of gardens and make a difference to biodiversity. And they post beautiful images, too. A great cause that's worth a follow.

This family has invited us into their home on TV for years now. And their Instagram account is equally as heartwarming. You'll get a view of what life is like on their farm and the reality behind making it work.

If garden architecture is your thing... here's an account you should follow. Bonnie shows off her work with goregeous photos and videos. And you'll get a few ideas on how to create spaces outside in your own garden, too.

Now it’s your turn…

From a sprawling garden in the countryside to a row house in the city, there are tons of exciting garden IG accounts to enjoy. It’s always worth taking the time to study other’s strategies and see what you can learn.

With a massive 1 billion active users, Instagram is a tool you can’t forget. Especially if you’re wanting to use your garden to generate passive income.

And it’s free. Need I say more?

Any garden of any size has the potential to be successful in marketing itself online. Give yourself some time to research and test what works best for you.

The key is to keep it simple and let your content do the work for you.

If you use beautiful photos and videos, you’ll entice followers to your channel, and ultimately to buy the seeds or plants that you sell.

Don’t forget the power of UGC (user-generated content). All of those people who spend time photographing the plants they got from you… that’s golden content that you can use to increase engagement and show off how great the perennials and annuals you grow actually are.

While the Instagram algorithm changes often, the basics are the same – consistency, community, creativity. Stick to these, and you’ll win an audience.


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